Day 4: The Twelve Days of Albus!

Well, Albus the Traveling Crab decided to start his own “Twelve Days of Christmas” celebration, but with a decidedly crustacean touch. Crab cultures are as varied and intricate as human cultures are (don’t ever accidentally call a Dungeness Crab a Stone Crab, or a Snow Crab a King Crab; you wouldn’t BELIEVE the cultural crossfire you’ll get caught in!). Still, even crabs enjoy Christmas it seems, so here are Albus’ four photos so far, and each day I’ll make sure to feature his newest image!

Happy Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

Merry New Year!

My amazing friend, Lee Kirk,did this wonderful illustration of Albus the Crab atop one of my photos of The Brothers in the Olympic Range for Christmas Day!
On the second day of Christmas, Albus the Crab decided to give the world another photo of a Christmas Crab–with two claws shown!
On the third day of Christmas, Albus the Crab presents three Christmas crabs!
For the Fourth Day of Albus…er, Christmas, Albus the Crab would like to present a Christmas lighthouse with four ornaments!

Stay tuned tomorrow and the following days to see what Albus comes up with for each day of the Christmas festival!

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