Day 6 and 7: The Twelve Days of Albus!

Technical difficulties yesterday resulted in my failure to post Albus' Sixth Day of Christmas. I must apologize for the failure of my neurological synaptic action trigger alarm system (in other words, sorry--I just forgot!). So, as we get ready to close out 2020, allow me to present Albus' Sixth and Seventh Days of Christmas! For … Continue reading Day 6 and 7: The Twelve Days of Albus!

Day 5: The Twelve Days of Albus!

For the Fifth Day of Christmas, Albus the Crab would like to present five Christmas moose!! Silverdale, Washington. (Nathanael Miller, 29 December 2020)

Day 4: The Twelve Days of Albus!

Well, Albus the Traveling Crab decided to start his own "Twelve Days of Christmas" celebration, but with a decidedly crustacean touch. Crab cultures are as varied and intricate as human cultures are (don't ever accidentally call a Dungeness Crab a Stone Crab, or a Snow Crab a King Crab; you wouldn't BELIEVE the cultural crossfire … Continue reading Day 4: The Twelve Days of Albus!

Christmas Eve Brothers!

Every day a different show is put on when one lives near the mountains. Looking west to the Olympic Mountains on Christmas Eve morning. The twin peaks in the distance are The Brothers, a prominent set of peaks in the Olympic Mountains. The south peak (on the left) rises to 6,842 feet above sea level … Continue reading Christmas Eve Brothers!

“Proud Lion” Makes a Great Gift!

Proud Lion makes a great (and inexpensive!) Christmas or other holiday gift! Give your loved ones the adventure of a lifetime, all between the covers of the new mystery adventure by Nathanael Miller!