Adventure Makes a GREAT Holiday Gift!

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Just My Thoughts: Christmas with the Presidents

(Pensacola, Florida – Dec. 16, 2021) – Christmastime at Mount Vernon in the late 18th century was a far cry from the lights, trees, tinsel, and frenetic pace of parties we know today in the 21st century.  Christmas trees were largely unknown to the American public.  The Christmas tree was brought to the U.S. in … Continue reading Just My Thoughts: Christmas with the Presidents

Memorial Day 2021

BIVOUAC OF THE DEAD The muffled drum's sad roll has beatThe soldier's last tattoo;No more on life's parade shall meetThat brave and fallen few.On Fame's eternal camping-groundTheir silent tents are spread,And Glory guards, with solemn round,The bivouac of the dead. No rumor of the foe's advanceNow swells upon the wind;Nor troubled thought at midnight hauntsOf … Continue reading Memorial Day 2021

Christmas Eve Brothers!

Every day a different show is put on when one lives near the mountains. Looking west to the Olympic Mountains on Christmas Eve morning. The twin peaks in the distance are The Brothers, a prominent set of peaks in the Olympic Mountains. The south peak (on the left) rises to 6,842 feet above sea level … Continue reading Christmas Eve Brothers!