Travel Log: A Day in the District

(Jan. 17, 2018) I officially picked up Maryland on the 11th for my State Collection, and got Washington, D.C., on the 12th. If you check the state map, you’ll see I’ve also picked up Virginia (Jan. 13) and Delaware (Jan. 17). I know D.C. isn’t a state, but the federal city is our capital, and … Continue reading Travel Log: A Day in the District

Travel Log: John Brown Marches On

(Jan. 10, 2018) John Brown cast a long, long shadow across the United States in 1859, a shadow so long he is (in my opinion) rightly considered one of the final causes of the Civil War. I did my master’s thesis on him while I was still active duty, focusing on how, despite his spectacular … Continue reading Travel Log: John Brown Marches On

Travel Log: Lincoln Grows Up

(Jan. 3, 2018) Happy new year! Ok, now that that’s over… Still catching up, so let’s go back to a wild two days in Indiana last year (technically true, even though it was literally last month). Specifically, my visit to Lincoln’s boyhood home in Indiana on Dec. 16, 2017. In 1816 Thomas Lincoln moved his … Continue reading Travel Log: Lincoln Grows Up

Travel Log: Deep in the Heart of Kentucky

(Dec. 15, 2017) I found a Barnes and Noble bookstore in northern Elizabethtown a few miles south of Fort Knox. Go back a few articles, and you’ll recall that Elizabethtown is where Abraham Lincoln’s parents met and married. I’m still trying to catch up, and I suspect as this journey continues this will be a … Continue reading Travel Log: Deep in the Heart of Kentucky