Travel Log – Fall in Love with Ruby Falls

(Chattanooga, Tennessee; August 8, 2022) – The mystique of waterfalls captured the human imagination so thoroughly that these roaring cataracts have flowed into the depths of human mythology. Iceland’s Haifoss (‘high waterfall’) near the volcano Hekla was said to be the home of an ogress.  This great being, offended when a boy absently threw a … Continue reading Travel Log – Fall in Love with Ruby Falls

Video Short Takes: Lincoln’s Tomb

Come take a short tour of the final resting place for President and Mrs. Lincoln, and three of their four children. The magnificent Lincoln tomb resides in Oak Ridge Cemetery in the Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Check out the video at: ### #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #abrahamlincoln, #lincoln, #presidentlincoln, #lincolntomb, #americancivilwar, #civilwar, #history, #americanhistory, #president, … Continue reading Video Short Takes: Lincoln’s Tomb

Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 3

(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; July 3, 2021) – The stage was set, the audience seated, the orchestra at the ready; the final curtain was about to rise for the great clash of the Titans on the fields of Gettysburg. Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, desperate for a final knock-out blow that would humble the Union, win Southern … Continue reading Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 3

Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 2

(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; July 2, 2021) – We pay a sizable price for tickets so we can to to the movies to see sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, but a bit of historical research will reveal truth was far stranger and far more exciting that fiction ever could be. The fate of nations often hinges on mere … Continue reading Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 2

Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 1

(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; July 1, 2021) – The biggest, loudest, bloodiest, most violent single battle ever to burn the landscape in North America began today…158 years ago. The three-day Battle of Gettysburg was the culmination of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s second campaign to invade the North, taking the war to the Yankees for a change … Continue reading Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 1

Travel Log: The Maine Event!

(Bangor, Maine; July 27, 2018) I have waited 28 states to use that headline! I’ve wanted to visit Maine since I was five years old in 1977. That was the year the Disney live action/animated combination film Pete’s Dragon came out. My family was still living in San Angelo, Texas, as my pop was stationed … Continue reading Travel Log: The Maine Event!

Travel Log: Photo Day!

(Niceville, Florida.  11 April 2018) - Going to take y'all on a visual journey through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  As always, you can see my entire photo library on my Flickr page ( or m Instagram (@sparks1524). But, once in a while it's fun to just do a visual journey, and … Continue reading Travel Log: Photo Day!

Travel Log: A Stone’s Throw From Victory

(Clarksville, Tennessee; March 29, 2018) After nearly a ten-day visit with my brother’s family in Ohio, I’m on the road again. I took a very leisurely drive south through Kentucky into Tennessee. I purposely eschewed the interstate and used the side highways instead. Secondary routes do add additional time, but offer wonderful opportunities to see … Continue reading Travel Log: A Stone’s Throw From Victory

Travel Log: Turkeys. It’s Always Turkeys!

(Tampa, Florida; Feb. 24, 2018) Turkeys. It’s always turkeys. Every time wildlife has actually stopped Sara Jane (my car), it’s a flock of wild turkeys! First time was when I drove into Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky back in December. Then again as I drove the perimeter of the Cowpens National Battlefield Park in … Continue reading Travel Log: Turkeys. It’s Always Turkeys!

Travel Log: Forwards-Backwards in Time

(Feb. 4, 2018) Welcome back! I took a brief break while I was back in Norfolk, Virginia, tying up some business with the Department of Veterans Affairs. I’m back on the road and, if you look at my State Map, you’ll notice I’m in North Carolina. I’ve gotten ten states and the District of Columbia … Continue reading Travel Log: Forwards-Backwards in Time