Video Short Takes: Lincoln’s Tomb

Come take a short tour of the final resting place for President and Mrs. Lincoln, and three of their four children. The magnificent Lincoln tomb resides in Oak Ridge Cemetery in the Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, Illinois. Check out the video at: ### #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #abrahamlincoln, #lincoln, #presidentlincoln, #lincolntomb, #americancivilwar, #civilwar, #history, #americanhistory, #president, … Continue reading Video Short Takes: Lincoln’s Tomb

Travel Log: Photo Day!

(Niceville, Florida.  11 April 2018) - Going to take y'all on a visual journey through Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.  As always, you can see my entire photo library on my Flickr page ( or m Instagram (@sparks1524). But, once in a while it's fun to just do a visual journey, and … Continue reading Travel Log: Photo Day!

Travel Log: Frog Song and Bald Eagle Gazes

(Springfield, Illinois; April 1, 2018) Thus begins the first travel column I’ve ever written that incorporates two states. Two states and four sites. Can I cook, or can’t I?! (You’ll notice yet another new state on my map at bottom!) A couple of days ago on March 30 I hiked the Fort Donelson National Battlefield … Continue reading Travel Log: Frog Song and Bald Eagle Gazes