Mental Health: Does ‘Solitary Confinement’ Ring a Bell?

(Silverdale, Washington; Dec. 03, 2020) – Solitary confinement is one of the harshest punishments our justice system can inflict on prisoners. Solitary confinement is designed to stop violent inmates from harming others (be those ‘others’ inmates or guards).  Solitary confinement is a controversial punishment because its negative psychological impacts are real.  A 2017 study by … Continue reading Mental Health: Does ‘Solitary Confinement’ Ring a Bell?

Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

No one on Earth radiates animal magnetism like animals do! From pigeons to sea otters, wild animals can be charming, cute, funny, and even cuddly...from a distance. Maintaining a respectful distance (while using a good zoom lens) allows you to get to know these creatures while ensuring your safety. Here's a look at a few … Continue reading Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

Just My Thoughts – Federalism 101

(Silverdale, Washington; Sept. 3, 2020) – The United States is gearing up for a tumultuous presidential election. Unfortunately, human nature makes it far easier to manipulate people by stirring up emotions instead of teaching the population to think critically. After all, a populace which exercises critical thinking skills is far harder to, lead. Understanding … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Federalism 101

Just My Thoughts – Contemplating Magic

(Silverdale, Washington; August 27, 2020) – Human society is pervaded by a cultural belief in the supernatural, also commonly called magic. This belief is a true spiritual path for some, and manifests merely as a suspension of disbelief while watching a Harry Potter movie for others, but it’s there. Those who believe in the concrete … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Contemplating Magic

Travel Log: October 2018 – The Desert and the Creepiest Sound EVER

(Silverdale, Washington; Aug. 20, 2020) – The year is 2001. I was a 29-year-old Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy assigned to work on reconnaissance cameras and the associated aircraft systems used by the F-14D Tomcats of VF-213, a squadron based out of NAS Oceana in Virginia. We flew to NAS Fallon, Nevada, … Continue reading Travel Log: October 2018 – The Desert and the Creepiest Sound EVER

Travel Log: Let Your Adventurous Spirit Blossom

(Silverdale, Washington; Aug. 13, 2020) – I was largely silent on the blogging front for nearly a year. I only recently (and, in my own humble way, spectacularly) relaunched this forum a couple of weeks ago. I moved to Washington State in January 2019, taking up a federal term position (a temporary position) that ended … Continue reading Travel Log: Let Your Adventurous Spirit Blossom

The Writer’s Craft – A Jolly Good Blog Entry

(Silverdale, Washington; August 10, 2020) – I had the distinct pleasure of spending a year on the road seeing all 50 states and a bit of Canada during “Grand Tour USA” from 2017 – 2018. I wrote numerous Travel Logs detailing my adventures. Following one post, a reader left a comment asking how I got … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – A Jolly Good Blog Entry

The Instruction Writer’s Problem

(Silverdale, Washington; August 8, 2020) – We trust instructions to carry us through a project in a logical, step-by-step fashion, eschewing any use of magic. I don’t know about you, but my parents sent me to conventional schools for muggles, not academies for young wizards. Finding this trust misplaced is another universal human experience. Quite … Continue reading The Instruction Writer’s Problem

Sometimes You Have to Risk

That was said to me by one of the wisest young women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. The year was 1997. I was in Tallahassee, Florida, barely making ends meet after a series of economic downturns and bad policies kept killing every job I held. I got downsized on average every nine … Continue reading Sometimes You Have to Risk