On the Waterfront – Kris Kringle’s Critically Cautionary Christmas Carol

(Pensacola, Florida; Dec. 1, 2022) – The holiday season is upon us! For Christians such as myself, the Christmas season marks the birth of Jesus Christ.  For Jews, Hanukkah commemorates the retaking of Jerusalem during the 2nd Century B.C.E., as well as the Miracle of the Oil (when the supply of lamp oil, only enough … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Kris Kringle’s Critically Cautionary Christmas Carol

Short Takes – The Headless Ghost of Romana Street

New video!  Sarah Wharton seems to still be wandering the pavement of Pensacola’s Romana Street, even though she lost her head nearly two centuries ago.  Join me for the chilling tale of the Headless Ghost of Romana Street! https://youtu.be/ZzmcpteJsWc #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #pensacola, #ghost, #ghoststory, #Halloween, #Florida, #sunshinestate, #gulfcoast, #emeraldcoast, #spooky,

Just My Thoughts: Christmas with the Presidents

(Pensacola, Florida – Dec. 16, 2021) – Christmastime at Mount Vernon in the late 18th century was a far cry from the lights, trees, tinsel, and frenetic pace of parties we know today in the 21st century.  Christmas trees were largely unknown to the American public.  The Christmas tree was brought to the U.S. in … Continue reading Just My Thoughts: Christmas with the Presidents

Memorial Day 2021

BIVOUAC OF THE DEAD The muffled drum's sad roll has beatThe soldier's last tattoo;No more on life's parade shall meetThat brave and fallen few.On Fame's eternal camping-groundTheir silent tents are spread,And Glory guards, with solemn round,The bivouac of the dead. No rumor of the foe's advanceNow swells upon the wind;Nor troubled thought at midnight hauntsOf … Continue reading Memorial Day 2021

Christmas Eve Brothers!

Every day a different show is put on when one lives near the mountains. Looking west to the Olympic Mountains on Christmas Eve morning. The twin peaks in the distance are The Brothers, a prominent set of peaks in the Olympic Mountains. The south peak (on the left) rises to 6,842 feet above sea level … Continue reading Christmas Eve Brothers!

Photo Finish: Christmas Lights, Part 1

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a difficult year (to put it mildly). Even so, many people are celebrating their holidays and holy days this month. As a Christian, my holy festival is December 25 - January 6; Christmas Day through the Feast of the Epiphany. Normally this blog would go on … Continue reading Photo Finish: Christmas Lights, Part 1

Travel Log: The Maine Priority is NOT the Photo!

(Bangor, Maine; July 29, 2018) I know that headline might be something of a shock, coming as it does from an ardent photographer. But, it’s true. In the 21st century we may all forget that now and then, but the real goal of travel is not the photograph. Ok, ok—before anyone gets snarky, yes, if … Continue reading Travel Log: The Maine Priority is NOT the Photo!

Travel Log: I’m Dreaming of a White…Wait a Minute…

(Dec. 29, 2017) Snow…icicles...cold weather...a winter wonderland! Ah, I’m dreaming of a white...wait, what? Oops...wrong holiday! I’m sitting in my brother’s house in Huber Heights, Ohio. The skies are gray, a soft snow is falling right now, dusting the land with a gentle white blanket. It’s the perfect, picture-post card type of snow you think … Continue reading Travel Log: I’m Dreaming of a White…Wait a Minute…

Travel Log – Post Holiday Traffic

(Nov. 26, 2017)  I left Niceville, Florida, yesterday and made it to just north of Nashville. Today was Nashville to my brother’s family outside Dayton. Of course today is Sunday, the last day of the Thanksgiving holiday. I got on the road at 10:00 and, with only a bathroom break or two and maybe a … Continue reading Travel Log – Post Holiday Traffic

Travel Log: Thanksgiving, Niceville, Florida

(Nov. 23, 2017)  Thanksgiving Day! Here in Niceville it’s a balmy 66° and sunny. Typical northern Florida weather. To a man who’s still acclimated to Virginia, 66° actually feels pretty warm. I’m staying with my folks for a few days, but was originally going to stay alone in the family house. The original plan had … Continue reading Travel Log: Thanksgiving, Niceville, Florida