On the WaterfrontThanksgiving in Jolly Old England!

(Pensacola, Florida; Nov. 23, 2022) – I became a Yeoman (an admin clerk) when I enlisted in the Navy.  I didn't know what I really wanted to do long-term, but every command has administrative personnel, so what better rate to choose in order to actually see the Navy and figure out my ultimate path?  The … Continue reading On the WaterfrontThanksgiving in Jolly Old England!

Travel Log: Thanksgiving, Niceville, Florida

(Nov. 23, 2017)  Thanksgiving Day! Here in Niceville it’s a balmy 66° and sunny. Typical northern Florida weather. To a man who’s still acclimated to Virginia, 66° actually feels pretty warm. I’m staying with my folks for a few days, but was originally going to stay alone in the family house. The original plan had … Continue reading Travel Log: Thanksgiving, Niceville, Florida