Mental Health: Stop Talking and Start LISTENING, for Crying out Loud!

**Author's Note: This column was supposed to be published yesterday morning (Nov. 19), but human error delayed it by 24 hours. I uploaded and prepped everything, but forgot to hit the "publish" button. (Silverdale, Washington; Nov. 19, 2020) – I did something this past Monday I’ve never done before: I walked out of my counselor’s … Continue reading Mental Health: Stop Talking and Start LISTENING, for Crying out Loud!

The Writer’s Craft – Critical Critiques

(Silverdale, Washington; Nov. 12, 2020) – Writers must be able to handle critiques and criticism with a measure of grace, dignity, humility, and humor. Anyone who has ever picked up a pen has horror stories of that one person who openly reveled in trying to tear them down.  These people exhibit a streak of cruelty … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – Critical Critiques

Early Reviews are in!

Early customer reviews are in! "Proud Lion" is a solid read and great adventure!#nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #proudlion #novel #novelist #navy #murdermystery #mystery #writing #accidentaldetective #military #adventure #book

Mental Health: Another Shipmate has Fallen

(Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 29, 2020) – Today’s column was supposed to be about the minor success I’ve had with my first novel, Proud Lion, and my plans for book 2, The Norfolk Murders. Sadly, the tragic death of one of my shipmates from the real-life USS Ponce (LPD 15) upended my plans. I served with … Continue reading Mental Health: Another Shipmate has Fallen

Travel Log: Hunting Abandoned Buildings

**WRITER'S NOTE** My computer will be in the shop, so I'm publishing this today instead of on Thursday as usual. See you on the flip side! (Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 22, 2020) – Abandoned buildings are way cool...especially in winter! I’ve loved abandoned buildings and longed to explore them ever since I watched the Scooby Doo … Continue reading Travel Log: Hunting Abandoned Buildings

Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

No one on Earth radiates animal magnetism like animals do! From pigeons to sea otters, wild animals can be charming, cute, funny, and even cuddly...from a distance. Maintaining a respectful distance (while using a good zoom lens) allows you to get to know these creatures while ensuring your safety. Here's a look at a few … Continue reading Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?

(Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 1, 2020) – Do you wish to convince your political opponents you’re right, thereby bringing them onto your team as enthusiastic members, or do you wish to conquer your political opponents, grinding them under the black heel of your jackboot? The current political season has brought to the fore the fault lines … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?

Photo Finish – Military Aviation

Today's Photo Finish is a look at ten of my favorite captures of military aviation that I shot during my Navy career. My first five years in the Navy were spent directly in naval aviation as part of two squadrons. Later changes to various career paths took me off the flight deck, but I still … Continue reading Photo Finish – Military Aviation

The Writer’s Craft – And so it Begins!

(Silverdale, Washington; Sept. 21, 2020) – Proud Lion sailed into history yesterday! I am now a published novelist. Monetary success will be nice if I achieve it, but the primary goal has been reached: publication. Nothing can take that away from me, not lack of sales, not lack of critical acclaim, nothing. I am now, … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – And so it Begins!

The Adventure Begins!

The adventure has begun! The Accidental Detective seeks out murder and thwarts international espionage aboard USS Ponce! "Proud Lion" is available as a paperback or e-book through Amazon on other fine online retailers now! "Proud Lion," the new novel by Nathanael Miller. #nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #Washington #WashingtonState #accidentaldetective #novel #novelist #writer #writerslife #murdermystery #mystery #Navy #ProudLion … Continue reading The Adventure Begins!