Travel Log: Hidden Gems

(Niceville, Florida; April 10, 2018) Phase 2 has been completed--I'm back in Niceville, Florida.  Phase 3 (Hawaii) is coming very soon--April 12!  Check out the state map at very bottom for a recap of Phases 1 and 2. Last time I covered two states in one column. I’ve decided to up my game and take … Continue reading Travel Log: Hidden Gems

Travel Log: A Bridge to the Past

(Jan. 8, 2018) I’m sitting in Charles Town, West Virginia, tonight. Tomorrow (weather permitting) I’ll tour Harpers Ferry. I did my master’s thesis on John Brown and how he became such an avatar of terror for the Antebellum South that his 1859 raid is (rightly, I think) regarded as one of the specific events that … Continue reading Travel Log: A Bridge to the Past

Travel Log: A Bear in His Natural Habitat—a Studebaker

(Jan. 6, 2018) I’m currently sitting in a Motel 6 with no working WiFi outside Charleston, West Virginia. This is just a stop for the night before I finish getting up to Harrison County tomorrow. However, my teddy bear encouraged me to catch up a bit more on back-posts, and I always listen to him. … Continue reading Travel Log: A Bear in His Natural Habitat—a Studebaker

Travel Log: Serpent Mound

(Jan. 3, 2018) Began the next part of my Great Walkabout today. The Upper Midwest leg is officially over and, next up, is the Mid-Atlantic/Southeast leg. But, as I’m not done with Ohio, the Midwest is still technically on the chart, but work with me here, people! One cannot explore without taking some detours and … Continue reading Travel Log: Serpent Mound