Short Takes – The Many Ghosts of Pensacola’s Seville Quarter

HALLOWEEN SHORT TAKES VIDEO!  The many ghosts of Pensacola’s Seville Quarter a friendly lot.  Come take a short, spooky tour around this bedrock cornerstone of Pensacola’s thriving nightlife…a place for both living and spectral patrons! #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #shorttakes, #ghosts, #ghoststory, #pensacola, #florida, #sunshinestate, #gulfcoast, #folklore, #ghost, #halloween, #legends, #sevillequarter,

Short Takes – The Headless Ghost of Romana Street

New video!  Sarah Wharton seems to still be wandering the pavement of Pensacola’s Romana Street, even though she lost her head nearly two centuries ago.  Join me for the chilling tale of the Headless Ghost of Romana Street! #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #pensacola, #ghost, #ghoststory, #Halloween, #Florida, #sunshinestate, #gulfcoast, #emeraldcoast, #spooky,

New Short Takes Video – The Blackwater River!

New Short Takes video: The Blackwater River is one of northwest Florida’s hidden gems.  The state’s Blackwater State Park and Blackwater State Forest preserve the largest contiguous stretch of long-needle pine and wire grass forest in the world.  Canoe, kayaking, and tubing are popular ways to explore this quiet stretch of pristine Florida wilderness!  … Continue reading New Short Takes Video – The Blackwater River!

New Video: Sparks1524 Year in Review!

Join me for a brief look back at this year of travel, adventure, and cross-country moves! #nathanaelmiller, #sparks1524, #albusthecrab, #travellog, #newyears, #yearinreivew, #justmythoughts, #stuffedanimal, #instaplushies, #travel, #roadtrip, #moving, #homebuying, #homeowner, #washingtonstate, #florida, #Nevada, #Oregon, #Arizon,a #NewMexico, #Texas, #Louisiana, #Virginia, #Maryland, #Pennsylvania, #Indiana, #Illinois, #Kentucky, #photography, #photojournalism, #beautifuldestinations, #explore, #exploreamerica,

Just My Thoughts – Sparks1524 is Back!

(Pensacola, Florida; Nov. 6, 2021) –  Although not officially on hiatus, all seven of you who follow this blog and YouTube channel know that my production has been, at best, minimal, over the past few weeks. I’m happy to report that Sparks1524 is back! I passed on the happy news last week that the Emerald … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Sparks1524 is Back!

Just My Thoughts – The Duck has Landed!

(Pensacola, Florida; 29 October, 2021) –  The duck has landed! I am safely and happily ensconced in the Emerald Duck.  Move-in day was last Thursday (24 hours early—Yay!).  Not having a traditional full-time job this time, I was able to concentrate the full force of my vast powers of hyperactive obsession on the toil of … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – The Duck has Landed!

Just My Thoughts – Almost Home!

(Niceville, Florida; October 17, 2021) –  The long journey I embarked upon this past May is nearly over as I engage in the final prep work around the Emerald Duck before my household goods. *WHEW!* This has been an intense and busy time, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon!  My household goods … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Almost Home!

Short Takes – The Pensacola Lighthouse!

New Short Takes video! The Pensacola Lighthouse has been the light our lives here along the northwestern Florida Gulf Coast! Two towers have illuminated this waterway. The modern tower was even a strategic target for both the Confederates and Union forces during the Civil War! Take a brief walk around the grounds and climb the … Continue reading Short Takes – The Pensacola Lighthouse!

Just My Thoughts – Building a Home

(Niceville, Florida; August 2, 2021) –  The future Emerald Duck has been revealed. I’m not talking about an aquatic avian possessing a scintillatingly deep and brilliantly luscious green plumage, nor am I talking about a statue of a water-loving bird carved from a vibrantly green and extraordinarily valuable gemstone. I’m talking about a townhouse. I … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Building a Home

Just My Thoughts – Let the Sunshine State In!

(Niceville, Florida; July 22, 2021) –  Life has a way of surprising you, and I don’t mean with an unexpected party. I departed Washington State May 9th on a circuitous path leading through places such as the magnificent Grand Canyon, historic roads like Route 66 across New Mexico and Texas, the sun-kissed Gulf Coast, the … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Let the Sunshine State In!