Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 1

(Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; July 1, 2021) – The biggest, loudest, bloodiest, most violent single battle ever to burn the landscape in North America began today…158 years ago. The three-day Battle of Gettysburg was the culmination of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s second campaign to invade the North, taking the war to the Yankees for a change … Continue reading Past Exploration: Gettysburg 158, Part 1

Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

I'm packing up and organizing my things. The movers come May 3rd and 4th; I'll be driving out of Washington State for Tennessee by May 7th. As I get ready to move on, I wanted to take a moment and publish a few Photo Finish columns detailing some of the greatest places I've seen in … Continue reading Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

Photo Finish – Volcano Day!

I am starting a new column head: Photo Finish! I started in journalism as a Navy operational photographer and photojournalist. Although writing is the center of my life now, I still think of myself as a photographer first. Now and then I want to show off what's I've done...and what I can do with a … Continue reading Photo Finish – Volcano Day!