Photo Finish: Mount Baker and Glacier Peak!

Mount Ranier is the tallest, Mount Adams contains the most volume, and Mount St. Helens is the grumpiest, but Washington State boasts four more active volcanoes. Two of them, Indian Heaven and West Crater are not nearly as well known because they aren't stratovolcanoes and don't possess the classic volcano shape. Indian Heaven and West … Continue reading Photo Finish: Mount Baker and Glacier Peak!

Photo Finish: Mount Adams!

The second-highest mountain in Washington State is, of course, another volcano: Mount Adams! Known as the 'brother' to the more famous (and active) Mount St. Helens, Mount Adams soars upwards to 12,821 feet (3,743 meters). Mount Adams is shorter than Mount Rainier, but actually contains more volume than Rainier. Mount Adams' early eruptive history begins … Continue reading Photo Finish: Mount Adams!

Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

Continuing my retrospective on my favorite places in Washington State, we now turn to the Evergreen State's most famous volcano--Mount St. Helens! A stratovolcano fueled by the Pacific Ring of Fire, Mount St. Helens is part of the Cascade volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes running from California up into Canada. Interestingly enough, Mount St. … Continue reading Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

I'm packing up and organizing my things. The movers come May 3rd and 4th; I'll be driving out of Washington State for Tennessee by May 7th. As I get ready to move on, I wanted to take a moment and publish a few Photo Finish columns detailing some of the greatest places I've seen in … Continue reading Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!