Photo Finish: Mount St. Helens, Part 2

I had intended to focus today's Photo Finish to Mount Adams, but yesterday I had a chance to go hiking near Mount St. Helens. I spent the day on the Hummocks Trail. The Hummocks are the piles of debris leftover from the collapsed north face of the mountain. The collapse of that side of the … Continue reading Photo Finish: Mount St. Helens, Part 2

Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!

Continuing my retrospective on my favorite places in Washington State, we now turn to the Evergreen State's most famous volcano--Mount St. Helens! A stratovolcano fueled by the Pacific Ring of Fire, Mount St. Helens is part of the Cascade volcanic arc, a chain of volcanoes running from California up into Canada. Interestingly enough, Mount St. … Continue reading Photo Finish: Washington State Memories!