Just Like a Tree

Ok, it’s time to backtrack and fill in the gaps I missed in this travel log due to illness and tragedy.  The food poisoning I suffered on May 27 and the tragedy of the fatal parachute accident May 28 gave me more important things to do than write about my travels during Fleet Week.  The … Continue reading Just Like a Tree

A Collision of Humanity

So we got on the road in Norfolk, Virginia, at 7:00 in the morning. We took two vans and drove up the Eastern Shore in order to avoid the traffic of Richmond and Washington, D.C. The rain moved in and made it a very wet drive. But, as I told my mom in an email … Continue reading A Collision of Humanity

Start Spreading the News!

Start spreading the news!  We’re leaving tomorrow morning from the Navy Public Affairs Support Element East (NPASE East) for New York City. Starting Tuesday the Big Apple is hosting the 29th annual Fleet Week New York, a huge celebration of the sea services that will swamp New York City with enough ships to, well, make … Continue reading Start Spreading the News!

The Good Times: Finding St. Peter

Oddly enough I find the second in my series looking back on the “good times” of my Navy career to be another moment during my time stationed at VQ-2 in Rota, Spain.  Increasing the “coincidence level” is that this moment also occurred during a trip to another part of Europe. I have written in my … Continue reading The Good Times: Finding St. Peter

The Good Times: Beauty and the Beast

I make no apologies for writing about the dark things in life.  I believe sharing my struggles and my successes in coping will help increase awareness of mental health issues, at least a little. However, my life is not all dark.  As I race towards the conclusion of my naval career, I will rest my … Continue reading The Good Times: Beauty and the Beast

Nuovo Inizio

SUFFOLK, Va. (Feb. 20, 2017) - It has been a highly kinetic week at work before this holiday.  I’m not merely the chief of production at my command; I’ve taken over as chief of operations too.  The assumption of additional responsibilities happened while I was in Naples, so I had to hit the deck plate … Continue reading Nuovo Inizio

Walking the Path of God

(Written Feb. 9) - I'm batting out the notes for these things the day of the event, but then polishing them up after the fact.  I don't want to publish lousy grammar...especially as I've spent seven of the last ten years of my naval career teaching writing! Today my multimedia workshop students were cut loose … Continue reading Walking the Path of God

Monte Orlando

(Written Feb. 5) - I'm trying to catch up a bit.  Sue me--I'm busy continually overcoming my own mental health issues while seeing the world. After all--why else join the Navy?  Certainly not for the easy working hours! I'm staying on board the Navy's support site in Gricignano di Aversa, outside Naples proper.  Today I … Continue reading Monte Orlando