On the Waterfront – A Tale of a Great Enterprise

(Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 15, 2020) – The retired aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CVN 65) had a profound affect on my time at sea, and her deactivation in 2012 foretold my own retirement from the Navy in 2017. Pretty heavy stuff, especially considering I never once set foot aboard her! I joined the Navy to go … Continue reading On the Waterfront – A Tale of a Great Enterprise

Photo Finish – Military Aviation

Today's Photo Finish is a look at ten of my favorite captures of military aviation that I shot during my Navy career. My first five years in the Navy were spent directly in naval aviation as part of two squadrons. Later changes to various career paths took me off the flight deck, but I still … Continue reading Photo Finish – Military Aviation

The Writer’s Craft – And so it Begins!

(Silverdale, Washington; Sept. 21, 2020) – Proud Lion sailed into history yesterday! I am now a published novelist. Monetary success will be nice if I achieve it, but the primary goal has been reached: publication. Nothing can take that away from me, not lack of sales, not lack of critical acclaim, nothing. I am now, … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – And so it Begins!

The Adventure Begins!

The adventure has begun! The Accidental Detective seeks out murder and thwarts international espionage aboard USS Ponce! "Proud Lion" is available as a paperback or e-book through Amazon on other fine online retailers now! "Proud Lion," the new novel by Nathanael Miller. #nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #Washington #WashingtonState #accidentaldetective #novel #novelist #writer #writerslife #murdermystery #mystery #Navy #ProudLion … Continue reading The Adventure Begins!

On the Waterfront – Master Seamanship

(Silverdale, Washington; Sept. 17, 2020) – The greatest single piece of seamanship I ever witnessed occurred the day my captain summarily ordered the tugs away from our 17,000 ton warship and proceeded to dock her without assistance, thereby avoiding a collision with an 114,000 ton cruise ship. Commander Stephen ‘Cole’ Hayes was the third commanding … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Master Seamanship

Only SIX Days Until the Adventure Begins!

Only SIX days remain until the adventure begins! Murder aboard USS Ponce brings the Accidental Detective back to his old ship, seeking a killer and thwarting international espionage! Available in e-book format, print-on-demand hard and softback from Amazon and other online bookstores starting Sept. 20! #nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #accidentaldetective #murdermystery #mystery #novel #adventure #book #writer #writerslife … Continue reading Only SIX Days Until the Adventure Begins!

On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar

(Silverdale, Washington; August 24, 2020) – I am proud to present the first “On the Waterfront” column for this blog. This is a space in which I can organize and share stories of adventures on the sea. Some of these might be Navy stories, some might be civilian experiences, but all are tied to the … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar

Mental Health: Into the Volcano

(Silverdale, Washington; Jun. 23, 2019) – I debated for a long time whether this column should go under “Travel” or “Mental Health,” but the mental health analogy won out. However, that does not alter the fact that, last Saturday (June 15) I accidentally hiked right into an active volcano’s crater. I know, I know—you’re wondering … Continue reading Mental Health: Into the Volcano