On the Waterfront – Sailing into History: Meeting the Proud Lion

(Pensacola, Florida; April 7, 2022,) – There are moments when disparate threads of unrelated events are woven into a brand new cloth upon which the tapestry of our stories will forever be embroidered. USS Ponce (LPD 15) was one such moment for me.  Many unrelated threads from my childhood, my college days, and my early … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Sailing into History: Meeting the Proud Lion

Coming April 20th!!!!!!

Coming April 20th! Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter! Hop on the roller coaster of the Accidental Detective's first case! A short excerpt of the drama is below! ---------------- The erupting chaos didn’t change the necessity for Isaac Shepherd to be in surgery that morning. Empty of stomach and exhausted from the constant pain of his injuries, … Continue reading Coming April 20th!!!!!!

And So It Begins…April 20th!

Spain, 1999: murder, attempted murder, manslaughter. The adventure begins! The new mystery novel by Nathanael Miller takes you back to the Accidental Detective's earliest days! Coming April 20th in paperback and ebook format on Amazon!#nathanaelmiller; #sparks1524; #novel; #novelist; #accidentaldetective; #isaacshepherd; #abrahamgray; #mystery; #murder; #murdermystery; #spain; #Navy; #military; #adventure; #book; #fiction,

Photo Finish – Military Aviation

Today's Photo Finish is a look at ten of my favorite captures of military aviation that I shot during my Navy career. My first five years in the Navy were spent directly in naval aviation as part of two squadrons. Later changes to various career paths took me off the flight deck, but I still … Continue reading Photo Finish – Military Aviation

On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar

(Silverdale, Washington; August 24, 2020) – I am proud to present the first “On the Waterfront” column for this blog. This is a space in which I can organize and share stories of adventures on the sea. Some of these might be Navy stories, some might be civilian experiences, but all are tied to the … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar