Coming April 20th!!!!!!

Coming April 20th! Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter! Hop on the roller coaster of the Accidental Detective’s first case! A short excerpt of the drama is below!


The erupting chaos didn’t change the necessity for Isaac Shepherd to be in surgery that morning. Empty of stomach and exhausted from the constant pain of his injuries, Shepherd was unceremoniously stripped, tied into a hospital gown, laid on a gurney, and shuttled into the operating room.

Unbeknownst to him, Gray was out in the hospital lobby fending off Bragg and a host of MAs who wanted to question Shepherd now.

“He’s only a ‘prime suspect’ because Cremer has a personality conflict with him!” Gray was doing his level best to keep cool, but Bragg’s dismissive aggression continually derailed Gray’s attempts to derail Bragg’s egregious assumptions.

“Cremer built a compelling case that Shepherd was at the scene of the first death, and Shepherd’s own psychological history indicates a penchant for violence!” Bragg declared loudly.

Gray was furious the discussion was unfolding in the middle of a waiting room full of patients, doctors, nurses, and corpsmen, all leaving on every word. No one was even pretending not to hear.

“Of course, Cremer’s built a case around Shepherd being at the first scene,” Gray snapped, his patience quota rapidly deteriorating into negative numbers, “He found the body! That hardly qualifies him as anything more than an unfortunate witness!”


“And So It Begins” is Copyright 2022 Nathanael Miller, all rights reserved.

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