Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

No one on Earth radiates animal magnetism like animals do! From pigeons to sea otters, wild animals can be charming, cute, funny, and even cuddly...from a distance. Maintaining a respectful distance (while using a good zoom lens) allows you to get to know these creatures while ensuring your safety. Here's a look at a few … Continue reading Photo Finish – Animal Magnetism!

Travel Log: Meeting Adam

(Port Ludlow, Washington. Sept. 4, 2018) ā€“ A confluence of events and problems ranging from a very ambitious travel schedule between Montana and Washington State, and the loss of Internet connectivity temporarily in Washington, has put me behind in my columns. But Iā€™m back! Meeting colorful and incredible characters is one of my favorite experiences … Continue reading Travel Log: Meeting Adam

Travel Log: A Plainly Great Education

(Miles Creek, Montana; Aug. 18, 2018) ā€“ Montana is on fire. Glacier National Park is burning, so Montana joins California, Idaho, and Canada in the wildfire club of 2018. These fires are sending a nasty haze all the way east to Minnesota (where I was yesterday). Today I did get some clear skies early on, … Continue reading Travel Log: A Plainly Great Education

Travel Log: The Devils Tower in the Details

(Gillette, Wyoming; Aug. 12, 2018) ā€“ I have stood underneath a great stone titan and been struck dumb in awe and wonder only once before. In 2004 I stood at the base of Uluru (Ayres Rock) in Australia and found myself transported to speechlessness by the sheer magnitude of size, beauty, and ancient spirits embodied … Continue reading Travel Log: The Devils Tower in the Details