Travel Log: Breathless on the Oregon Tail

(Gillette, Wyoming; Aug. 12, 2018) – The Oregon Trail is famous for its brutal line of passage across the untamed, unforgiving North American west for settlers crossing Indian land, climbing vast mountains, and facing utterly harsh winters. To a lesser extant in history the California and Mormon Trails also inflicted similar hardships on their travelers. … Continue reading Travel Log: Breathless on the Oregon Tail

Travel Log: NOW It Gets Serious

(Le Claire, Iowa; Aug. 7, 2018) – Ok, NOW it gets serious. Check out the map at bottom; I’m in Iowa. I am officially out West. The eastern half of the continent was tricky enough, but the distances involved tended to be shorter. A four-hour drive usually landed me in another state...or across two states … Continue reading Travel Log: NOW It Gets Serious

Travel Log: Oh, Canada! Eh?

(Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, Canada; Aug. 4, 2018) – Before you say “Salt Saint Marie,” it’s actually French and pronounced “Soo.” So the town is properly known as “Soo Saint Marie.” “Soo” refers to the rapids on the St. Marys River at this point. Prior to the War of 1812, the Ontario town and the … Continue reading Travel Log: Oh, Canada! Eh?

Travel Log: The Maine Meal of the Day

(Portland, Maine; July 30, 2018) I’m back in Portland for my final night in Maine, and I think I ought to share with you my first-ever food column! After all, the Maine meal of the day is important when you’re traveling, and you can get a real idea of the flavor of a place by … Continue reading Travel Log: The Maine Meal of the Day

Travel Log: The Maine Priority is NOT the Photo!

(Bangor, Maine; July 29, 2018) I know that headline might be something of a shock, coming as it does from an ardent photographer. But, it’s true. In the 21st century we may all forget that now and then, but the real goal of travel is not the photograph. Ok, ok—before anyone gets snarky, yes, if … Continue reading Travel Log: The Maine Priority is NOT the Photo!

Travel Log: The Maine Event!

(Bangor, Maine; July 27, 2018) I have waited 28 states to use that headline! I’ve wanted to visit Maine since I was five years old in 1977. That was the year the Disney live action/animated combination film Pete’s Dragon came out. My family was still living in San Angelo, Texas, as my pop was stationed … Continue reading Travel Log: The Maine Event!

Travel Log: Look Closer

(Bangor, Maine; July 27, 2018) You should always look closer. One of the great things about doing an extended road trip is that it gives you the chance to kick over a few rocks you’d otherwise miss if you were on a more restricted timetable. However, the basic principle is still one you can practice … Continue reading Travel Log: Look Closer

Travel Log: Touching Ohana, Part II

(Portland, Maine; July 25, 2018) I am sitting in Maine, state #28 on Grand Tour USA. Connecticut was state #25—the halfway point. I am now over the proverbial hump. Check out the state map at the bottom of this column; New Hampshire and Vermont are next. And then Canada! Yes. You read that right. Grand … Continue reading Travel Log: Touching Ohana, Part II

Travel Log: Airships and Aircraft Carriers

(Smithfield, Rhode Island; July 19, 2017) – The Hindenburg blew up and crashed in flames May 6, 1937 near Hangar No. 1 at the Lakehurst naval air station in New Jersey. The disaster killed 36 people (35 people on the ship, one on the ground). The 803-foot long ship, veteran of 62 successful flights, was … Continue reading Travel Log: Airships and Aircraft Carriers

Travel Log: Hiatus Interruptus

(Norfolk, Virginia; July 16, 20187) – The original plan entailed a blog entry about my Grand Tour hiatus starting back in mid-May. I took a couple of weeks to watch my daughter, attend a family reunion back home in Niceville, and then planned spend a few weeks writing and just hanging with my folks before … Continue reading Travel Log: Hiatus Interruptus