Travel Log: Falling for Water – the Forgotten Falls!

(Silverdale, Washington; May 4, 2021) – I was sitting down to film my video on waterfalls when I was struck by a thought!

Seriously, you can see the bruise on the side of my head.

I wrote eloquently earlier today about the six waterfalls I visited here in Washington State.  Straight up, I goofed.  I forgot about the seventh falls I’ve seen here – Nooksack Falls.

Nooksack Falls is a double-streamed falls where the Nooksack River is split by a column of ancient volcanic rock before plummeting 88 feet into the valley below.  Located in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, the falls can be reached by a short trail off the Mount Baker Highway.  There is a fenced-off viewing area at the top of the falls allowing a spectacular view, but stay inside the fencing.  The risk of joining the water in falling 88 feet to the valley floor is quite high because the rock is slick, the drop sudden, and the edge unforgiving.

Go and find a waterfall!  Bathe in its glory, bask in its beauty, and be safe in your explorations.  Let yourself fall head over heels for a waterfall…just do it metaphorically and not literally!

Nooksack Falls, Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. (22 June 2019; Nathanael Miller)

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