Short Takes – The Pensacola Lighthouse!

New Short Takes video! The Pensacola Lighthouse has been the light our lives here along the northwestern Florida Gulf Coast! Two towers have illuminated this waterway. The modern tower was even a strategic target for both the Confederates and Union forces during the Civil War! Take a brief walk around the grounds and climb the Pensacola Lighthouse with me!

This two-minute tour can be viewed at:

Completed and lit in 1858, the Pensacola lighthouse is 150 tall and sits on a 40 foot bluff, raising its lantern to 190 feet above sea level. Its first-order Fresnel lens catapults its beam over 27 nautical miles out to sea. The current tower replaces a previous structure, and was briefly extinguished during the Civil War by Confederate forces until the Union army recaptured Pensacola in 1862. The current keeper’s house was completed in 1869. The light was automated in 1965. Still an active aid to navigation, the tower and keeper’s house are open to the public. Pensacola, Florida. (Nathanael Miller, 23 July 2021)

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