Coming April 20th – The Accidental Detective is Back for the Very First Time!

Coming this April – the Accidental Detective is back…this time for the very first time! Spain, 1999: murder, attempted murder, man slaughter! Rapacious killers are stalking the American Navy population in southern Spain, and only the most unlikely alliance of a junior sailor and seasoned NCIS agent can outwit these deadly foes. Isaac Shepherd and Abraham Gray meet, and the legend begins! A short excerpt from the forthcoming adventure novel, And So It Begins by Nathanael Miller:


Shepherd no longer felt the heavy camera equipment slung over his skinny back, nor his knobby knees knocking against each other like castanets. He felt an invisible sledgehammer slam him right in the stomach, and his underarms were abruptly wet. Sweat began running down his flanks as he tried to think, but his brain seemed to have jammed. Silence hung hard and cold in the cool, pre-dawn air, broken only by the ragged intake of breath by the young sailor as he studied what had been, only the day before, a lively and very much living member of his squadron.

One just did not expect to find dead bodies on the barracks stairs at this hour. It was so uncivilized, after all.

I thought this type of stuff only happened to someone else, Shepherd thought in a blurry haze, his brain trying to reengage. It jammed again because he forgot to push in the clutch, Then again, I guess we’re all ‘someone else’ to someone else.


And So It Begins, copyright 2022 Nathanael Miller, all rights reserved.

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