Coming in 2023 – LIONFISH!

The adventure is NOT over! An excerpt from the blockbuster mystery novel ‘Lionfish,’ coming in 2023!
Abraham Gray knelt alone in his hotel room. He delicately sipped a ginger ale when not praying, trying to settle his stomach. Once his video conference was over, he’d grabbed dinner at the local IHOP before returning to his room. As soon as he got there and pulled out his phone to make the call, his stomach revolted so violently at what he was about to do that he ended up in the bath, violently retching until his stomach was empty.
A long conversation with Sarah over the phone had done nothing to assuage the fact he felt sick. The one thing he had labored for so long to accomplish, the one person he had vowed privately in synagogue to never call upon was now the one person he needed in order to solve this mess within the unforgiving timeframe a devious congresswoman had set upon them.
The hours ticked by, Gray still deep in prayer. Kneeling in the darkened room, he rocked slightly, the prayer shawl over his bare shoulders swaying slightly with his movements. The time in prayer did not erase the horrible feelings of guilt he was suffering, but did ease him to the firm conclusion he was doing the right thing. He had a job, and he was duty-bound under oath to use any and all legitimate means to do it.
Gray finally pulled out his phone. He had sworn an oath to seek out and find the Truth in an investigation, and he’d also joined a few allies in a bigger fight to clean out a dry rot slowly infesting NCIS. There was one man he could call upon to help him with both, even if the price was him having to feel like he was putting a knife into his best friend’s life. He began mashing buttons, drafting the short, pithy, and tragically necessary text.
Abraham Gray was determined to unleash the Accidental Detective.

‘Lionfish,’ the forthcoming novel from mystery writer Nathanael Miller! The adventure is underway in 2023!!!

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