An excerpt from ‘Lionfish,’ coming next April from mystery writer Nathanael Miller!

The Accidental Detective is on the case, even though the Pacific Northwest can be a dangerous place! A brief excerpt from “Lionfish,” the exciting new novel coming in April of 2023!


“William, you have to call the police—!” Isaac found them spinning slightly as he managed to get the words out.

Smith’s face exploded.

Isaac watched in fascinated horror as Smith’s visage split part from the forehead down to the bridge of his nose.

He had a nice nose, Isaac thought dumbly as the proboscis flopped to the left while a sizeable chunk of Smith’s brain popped out of the hole in his head. A fine, lazy shower of blood misted Isaac as bits of Smith’s skull splattered against him, feeling like so many wood splinters.

The act of spinning Smith around forced Isaac to spin slightly as well, meaning he was now at a 45-degree angle to the man as his brain and the bullet inside it thudded into his chest with a squishy squash. The change in angle saved Isaac’s life; the bullet’s momentum was largely spent, thus it bounced off him instead of piercing just deep enough to hit his heart.

Smith’s brain matter plopped on the pavement with a squelch while the rest of Smith’s body simply dropped.

“Isaac!” Fredriksen yelled, watching Isaac step back in horror as Smith fell dead at his feet, “ISAAC!”

Spinning around to look at Fredriksen saved Isaac’s life—again.

The bullet intended to blow his brain out the back of his skull instead banged off his head in a glancing blow. Blood flew from the red gash which appeared as if by magic. Isaac’s final vision was of a fuzzy Luke Fredriksen racing towards him before he dropped like roadkill, the consciousness knocked right out of him.


“Lionfish” by Nathanael Miller. Copyright 2023, all rights reserved.

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