Drunk Poetry

Nathanael Miller, 23 Oct. 2016


Twiddle dee dee and fiddle hee hee

Who doesn’t love some drunk poetry?

Nonsensical words are all for the birds

As the wine in my head says hyflurosted!


I make up some sounds that frytittle astound

An offer a pound for some piddle aground!

I’ll go to the fuzz and sing shingle because

An alcohol buzz has fydiddle pea-duz!


It’s a dark night and I’m buzzing delight

Off the few drinks that give me such sight!

So the does the wine flow and the voices do go

On through a frantabulous night by lovely moon light!


Seesaw and teehaha says my dear old meemaw

As the snarkledards color the leaves in their claw!

Sobriety is not for me and alcohol was my key

To frandlesnap and dandlebap a little drunk poetry!

One thought on “Drunk Poetry

  1. In order to be considered an actual poem in the English language, I believe that at least 2/3 of its words must be actual words as defined by the Dictionary and I am not sure if your prose here comply’s with that technical standard, then again I am not drunk (right now). I shall re-evaluate under more appropriate conditions.


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