The Chairs Remain Empty


Nathanael Miller, 16 Jan. 2017


The chairs remain empty,

Long into the night.

I have a candle burning on the table,

I have some wine in the kitchen

And conversation ready to explore.


The house is warm in the winter dark,

The fire is lit and blankets are at hand

To cover a cold lap or chilly feet.

But still the chairs remain empty

And the candle burns on.


My wealth is here to be shared

As the candle dances happily.

The larder is heavy with food,

A little red teapot is eager on the stove;

Yet still the chairs remain empty.


A visitor all what I hope,

Someone to entertain;

Laughter and conversation

To fill the empty chairs

And warm my chilly heart.


But the chairs remain empty,

And the candle is almost gone.

The winter’s cold is not warmed

By the inclusion of a guest in my home.

So much to share yet I sit alone.


The candle sputters;

The night grows ever longer

And still the chairs remain empty.

No knock upon my door,

No guests in my home.


And now the candle has died.

Its wick is cold and its wax hardens

As the darkened cold comes down

Enveloping my silent heart.

The chairs…the chairs remain empty.

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