Preparing to Fly

travel-log(Written Feb. 12) – Sitting in my room.  Packed up, TV is on, and I’m finishing my coffee.  Soon as I finish this, I’ll pack up my computer, go down and check out.  My buddy Gary picks me up at 1130 to get me to the airport.

I hate endings.

I hate vacation endings.  I hate the ending of a story.  I hate relationship endings.  I hate endings of teaching missions that were so much fun over all they felt like a holiday.   I just hate endings.

I also go through a HUGE agoraphobic attack.  I’m always afraid I’ve overpacked; that my bags won’t be check.  That I’ll miss flights, that I’ll not be able to get my carry on bags in the overhead bins, etc.

And then I get to the airport and start flying and it’s all better.
Until I get home…and the rubber meets the road.

LIfe shifted seismically under my feet during this trip.  Naples; it’s always Naples.  But we’ll see what happens when I get home and get to start working out the next part of my own story.

So…see you all in an airport if I get a chance to relate any amusing anecdotes of my journey.

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