Coming Next Year – The Accidental Detective is Back for the Very First Time!

Coming next year! The Accidental Detective is back–for the very first time! Murder in the barracks, conspiracy to commit more murder, attempted murder. Isaac Shepherd puts his head down and takes on his first case! “And So It Begins” hits the virtual bookshelves early in 2022!! Check out the following excerpt from the forthcoming first adventure of the Accidental Detective!


Jalan Wabash was dead.

He was dead as a doornail.

He was ready to be fitted for a pine overcoat.

He’d gone to that great Navy base in the sky.

At 04:00, in the empty quiet of a U.S. Navy barracks stairwell, Jalan Wabash was really, truly, and without a doubt, very dead.

There really was no other conclusion a reasonable person could reach. The pallor of his skin indicated that he was either a vampire taking a nap in a very odd place, or else blood no longer circulated through lifeless veins. Petechiae—tiny bruises forming patterns like puddles under the epidermis—splotched his face. Wabash’s neck was scratched in odd, vertical lines as if some demented cat used him for a postmortem scratching post.

Still, even if all that weren’t enough to convince a sane human being that Wabash was no longer a living human being, the unnaturally violent position of his head would put the tin hat on the amateur diagnosis.

Human heads are not designed to spin 180° around to look up at the ceiling while their body was lying on its front. The odd, vertical scratches on Wabash’s warped neck spiraled like ghastly candy cane swirls along the twisted skin.


“And So It Begins,” by Nathanael Miller. Coming in 2022!

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