Just My Thoughts – The Duck has Landed!

(Pensacola, Florida; 29 October, 2021) –  The duck has landed!

I am safely and happily ensconced in the Emerald Duck.  Move-in day was last Thursday (24 hours early—Yay!).  Not having a traditional full-time job this time, I was able to concentrate the full force of my vast powers of hyperactive obsession on the toil of unpacking and organizing.  By Saturday night, the Great Room, kitchen, and Oceanic Suite (master bedroom) were fully functional.

Not comfortable, mind you.  But functional.

Moving into the Emerald Duck. 21 October 2021. Pensacola, Florida. Nathanael Miller

Today marks one week and one day since moving in.  I’ve been focusing on the studio for the past 24 hours, and have achieved a certain level of functionality here, too.  I can get back to work writing and blogging now, but you’ll get to see the background develop a bit over the next few weeks.

I need to wrap up this short entry and get back to work.  I’ve still got loads of appointments around town as I continue to settle into the VA for medical care, get my utilities set to auto-pay, etc.  The usual things that have to be done at start-up.

Doorbell camera screenshot self-portrait. The Emerald Duck on move-in day. 21 October 2021. Pensacola, Florida. Nathanael Miller.

But, the duck has landed!  Sparks152 is now in its new home, and I look forward to bringing you not only more exciting content here and on video, but the further adventures of Isaac Shepherd as book 3 of the Accidental Detective series, And So It Begins, goes deep into editing with my buddy, my tormentor, my best enemy and mortal friend, Jerry the Editor.

The adventure continues!

…Just my thoughts!

Check out my video on this topic at: https://youtu.be/tbbu_1w6OP0

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