Just My Thoughts: You Don’t Fight R@cism by being R@cist

(Pensacola, Florida – Feb. 2, 2022) – You don’t fight racism by being a racist.

That seems like a pretty simple statement, right?  Engaging in racist behavior is patently anathema to building a social contract in which all human beings are afforded equal opportunity.  However, it’s been occurring to me for about, oh, nearly thirty years now an increasing trend that has behaving in a racist fashion declared the way to fight racism.

I was first accused of racism in 1993.

I was in my junior year at Florida State University.  I headed to the school cafeteria for lunch where I met some guys from my dorm while we ate.  During the meal, the conversation swung around to how we’d all grown up.  A couple of guys had come from small areas with only one particular racial demographic.  They expressed the culture shock they experienced in suddenly being surrounded by people of all races and multiple religions.  They said nothing denigrating about any of their fellow students; they were simply relating their experience moving into a wider world.

I mentioned I grew up in the Air Force, and I’d had friends of all races since I was about two feet high.  I sympathized with the guys who came from smaller areas because I remember what it was like the first time my family lived overseas in another country.  Being the foreigner was an enlightening experience for me that I was grateful for because it only reinforced how great it had been to grow up in a color-blind nation.  That’s when the conversation got weird, foreshadowing our current cultural rot.

Several of the guys (all white, mind you) at the table told me that I was being a racist by—get this—looking at people as people instead of looking at them for the reality of oppression their ancestors experienced.

So, I was being a racist for not immediately judging other people based on their race.

Being labeled a racist used to be one of the most horrendous insults you could levy at someone.  It was an immediate ticket to the train of social isolation and ostracism, so it’s natural most decent people would react with reflexive horror and try to make amends if accused of such behavior (by the way—have you noticed the accuser is usually pretty aggressive, stating their accusation as if it’s gospel truth and leaving no room for discussion in case the situation isn’t what they think?).

Sadly, however, WE THE PEOPLE have allowed this rotgut line of thinking to grow unfettered in the soil of our culture.  Thirty years after my college mates looked on me with pity for almost quoting Dr. King verbatim, we’re at a point where entire cultural groups and corporate entities demand we engage in racist behavior by declaring an entire race of people oppressors simply based on their skin color, and judge entire populations as ‘oppressed’ simply because of their skin color.

That’s the very definition of racism.

The most evil things mankind can do to mankind come disguised as compassion.  WE THE PEOPLE now openly encourage people to look at minorities of all kinds first through a lens of that minority’s assumed cultural experience before considering them as an individual.  So, in other words, WE THE PEOPLE have allowed a rot to grow in our culture that demands we act in a racist fashion in order to claim we’re anti-racist.

Evil succeeds when good people stay silent and do nothing, and racism is an evil behavior.  Too many of our people (of all races) are staying silent out of fear, and I understand how powerful that motivation can be.  Humans are a social animal.  One of the worst punishments we can inflict on a member of our species is to drive them from the pack and ostracize them.  Today we have mobs of ‘influencers’ on social media clamoring to do just that in order to ‘rid’ the world of racism.  According to this mob, if we don’t all meekly agree to judge entire swaths of people based on their race, then we’re racists who must be destroyed.  Make no mistake—judging an entire population as ‘oppressed’ because of their race is just as racist as oppressing an entire population based on their race.

Do bad things happen in our world?  Of course.  However, this nation is not some dystopian nightmare where minorities get gunned down en masse every day.  If it were, then how do all those minorities on TV every night speak to millions of people daily…and yet are never targeted for mass extinction? 

This kind of totalitarianism doesn’t just destroy the dignity and threaten the freedom of an individual, it also minimizes the suffering of those who have been subjected to real racism.  Using racism to ‘fight’ racism builds resentment among those trampled by the mob’s mad rush to grasp power and wealth for their particular ‘oppressed’ class, fracturing society and further pushing us down the road to civil collapse.  Insisting we judge everyone based on race is racism.  If WE THE PEOPLE allow this to continue, we’ll end up with in a tribal nightmare with each tribe trying to snatch power and wealth at the expense of the ‘inferiors’ around them.

Finally, if you truly think independently, look at the response of the race hustlers when called out on their behavior.  The standard tactic is to dismiss the objector as just another ‘white person’ upset they’re losing their privilege.  That is a horribly racist statement right there because it’s intended to diminish, intimidate, and silence a human being based on race.   That’s the essence of racism!

It’s easy to blame the politician or the influencer, but WE THE PEOPLE get what we ask for and what we allow.  WE THE PEOPLE have allowed this rot, and we’re either to going to start cleaning it out so all people can have as level a field of opportunity as possible, or we’re going to be destroyed by it.

Race is a powerful tool that can gain hucksters, hustlers, and despots a great deal of power and wealth.  Pay attention to how much power WE THE PEOPLE are giving these individuals and groups.  Surrendering to a mob, no matter how ‘noble’ the mob claims it is, always ends badly, even for the members of the mob.  The French Revolution is a classic case study in surrendering to the mob.  The very leaders who unleashed the French mobs on the aristocracy and clergy were themselves literally beheaded by that same mob, and that was an internal war over class.  We’re surrendering to the same mentality, only we’ve thrown in the nitroglycerin of race.

You don’t fight racism by being racist.

…Just my thoughts.

Check out my video on this subject at: https://youtu.be/sbvVuy3B2L8

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