Just My Thoughts – Sparks1524 is Back!

(Pensacola, Florida; Nov. 6, 2021) –  Although not officially on hiatus, all seven of you who follow this blog and YouTube channel know that my production has been, at best, minimal, over the past few weeks. I’m happy to report that Sparks1524 is back! I passed on the happy news last week that the Emerald … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Sparks1524 is Back!

Just My Thoughts – Almost Home!

(Niceville, Florida; October 17, 2021) –  The long journey I embarked upon this past May is nearly over as I engage in the final prep work around the Emerald Duck before my household goods. *WHEW!* This has been an intense and busy time, and it’s not going to slow down anytime soon!  My household goods … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Almost Home!

Just My Thoughts: Momentous Triumphant!

(Silverdale, Washington; April 23, 2021) –  The pandemic has impacted everyone across the globe.  Our nation has been riven by fear, strife, super-spreader events justified by politicians and media pundits who preferred to advance a political agenda at the expense of safety, and the loss of time with loved ones…if not the loss of the … Continue reading Just My Thoughts: Momentous Triumphant!

Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?

(Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 1, 2020) – Do you wish to convince your political opponents you’re right, thereby bringing them onto your team as enthusiastic members, or do you wish to conquer your political opponents, grinding them under the black heel of your jackboot? The current political season has brought to the fore the fault lines … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?