Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?

(Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 1, 2020) – Do you wish to convince your political opponents you’re right, thereby bringing them onto your team as enthusiastic members, or do you wish to conquer your political opponents, grinding them under the black heel of your jackboot? The current political season has brought to the fore the fault lines … Continue reading Just My Thoughts – Convince or Conquer?

Insults do not Convince; They Create Conflict

There was a time when political disagreement meant we might have a spirited discussion of ideas, or avoid discussing politics altogether, but now it means we hate each other.  Disagreement over candidates and party equate to revulsion of the other. It’s stupid. Social media allows us to attack our “friends” with open gusto…and feel powerful … Continue reading Insults do not Convince; They Create Conflict

Defending the Electoral College

This blog is not dead; merely on hiatus as my life took a rather remarkable left turn into chaos, excitement, and surprising new opportunities.  I’m back. My blog says I’ll wade into the controversial, so here it is. I’ve closely watched this attack on the Electoral College because Trump won 3 million less popular votes … Continue reading Defending the Electoral College