The Writer’s Craft – Keeping Characters Consistent

(Pensacola, Florida; Apr. 27, 2022,) – This week I celebrate the publication of And So It Begins, my third Accidental Detective novel! Available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon, this story opens in late 2018 with the newly-retired Isaac Shepherd adjusting to life after the Navy…and then his memories whisk the reader back to … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – Keeping Characters Consistent

And So It Begins!

The Accident Detective is back--this time for the very first time! Spain, 1999: a rapacious killer stalks the U.S. Navy in Rota, Spain. A young sailor named Isaac Shepherd is thrust into a world of danger alongside NCIS Special Agent Abraham Gray in the newest mystery thriller by Nathanael Miller! Available on Amazon in ebook … Continue reading And So It Begins!


The adventure begins in just FIVE DAYS!!! Spain - 1999: Murder, attempted murder, manslaughter. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Isaac Shepherd takes up his magnifying glass for the very first time as he partners with young NCIS Special Agent Abraham Gray to stop a rapacious killer stalking the U.S. Navy community in Rota, Spain! Come … Continue reading FIVE DAYS!!!!