The Maturity of Wisdom

So my retirement process from the Navy has sort of been put on hold.  Yes, I’m still retiring in September and yes, I’m still freaked out and excited by the prospect of, for the first time in 20 years, not knowing where I’ll be at the end of the year. No, I’m part of the … Continue reading The Maturity of Wisdom

No Signposts

The unknown frightens; Planning used to rule my life. Now I’ve no signposts.  A haiku I wrote titled, appropriately, “No Signposts.” Every military member, regardless of branch of service, shares two unique experiences that civilians will never truly grasp: the moment of putting on the uniform and relinquishing much control over one’s life to a … Continue reading No Signposts

Poetry Night!

No Signposts Nathanael Miller, 9 April 2017 The unknown frightens; Planning used to rule my life. Now I've no signposts. ***  Where do I Now Turn? Nathanael Miller, 10 April 2017 Where do I now turn? The captain and chiefs are gone; Navy life is done. *** Freedom is Scary Nathanael Miller, 10 April 2017 … Continue reading Poetry Night!

Inner Visions

Writing is good for me.  I have attempted suicide many, many years ago.  I have dealt with a serious fight with depression and anxiety for my entire adult life, and it was not always recognized for what it really was.  This left me to muddle along without proper treatment and support for a very long … Continue reading Inner Visions

What Was It All For?

Right out the gate let me tell you that I have been living with chronic depression and anxiety for, well, most of my life.  Despite the jovial, irreverent facade most people see during the day, the core emotional reality I experience nearly all day long, every day, is a dark melancholy, a Black Hole.  No … Continue reading What Was It All For?

Nuovo Inizio

SUFFOLK, Va. (Feb. 20, 2017) - It has been a highly kinetic week at work before this holiday.  I’m not merely the chief of production at my command; I’ve taken over as chief of operations too.  The assumption of additional responsibilities happened while I was in Naples, so I had to hit the deck plate … Continue reading Nuovo Inizio

Walking the Path of God

(Written Feb. 9) - I'm batting out the notes for these things the day of the event, but then polishing them up after the fact.  I don't want to publish lousy grammar...especially as I've spent seven of the last ten years of my naval career teaching writing! Today my multimedia workshop students were cut loose … Continue reading Walking the Path of God

Monte Orlando

(Written Feb. 5) - I'm trying to catch up a bit.  Sue me--I'm busy continually overcoming my own mental health issues while seeing the world. After all--why else join the Navy?  Certainly not for the easy working hours! I'm staying on board the Navy's support site in Gricignano di Aversa, outside Naples proper.  Today I … Continue reading Monte Orlando