Travel Log: Hunting Abandoned Buildings

**WRITER'S NOTE** My computer will be in the shop, so I'm publishing this today instead of on Thursday as usual. See you on the flip side! (Silverdale, Washington; Oct. 22, 2020) – Abandoned buildings are way cool...especially in winter! I’ve loved abandoned buildings and longed to explore them ever since I watched the Scooby Doo … Continue reading Travel Log: Hunting Abandoned Buildings

A Collision of Humanity

So we got on the road in Norfolk, Virginia, at 7:00 in the morning. We took two vans and drove up the Eastern Shore in order to avoid the traffic of Richmond and Washington, D.C. The rain moved in and made it a very wet drive. But, as I told my mom in an email … Continue reading A Collision of Humanity

Walking the Path of God

(Written Feb. 9) - I'm batting out the notes for these things the day of the event, but then polishing them up after the fact.  I don't want to publish lousy grammar...especially as I've spent seven of the last ten years of my naval career teaching writing! Today my multimedia workshop students were cut loose … Continue reading Walking the Path of God

Monte Orlando

(Written Feb. 5) - I'm trying to catch up a bit.  Sue me--I'm busy continually overcoming my own mental health issues while seeing the world. After all--why else join the Navy?  Certainly not for the easy working hours! I'm staying on board the Navy's support site in Gricignano di Aversa, outside Naples proper.  Today I … Continue reading Monte Orlando