Just Like a Tree

Ok, it’s time to backtrack and fill in the gaps I missed in this travel log due to illness and tragedy.  The food poisoning I suffered on May 27 and the tragedy of the fatal parachute accident May 28 gave me more important things to do than write about my travels during Fleet Week.  The … Continue reading Just Like a Tree

It Was NOT Suppose to End This Way

It was NOT suppose to end this way, but it did. What was supposed to be (for me, anyway) the final triumph, the final “hurrah” of my career before retirement instead became a very sobering reminder of the dangerous nature of the jobs we do. 2017 Fleet Week New York came to and end tonight; … Continue reading It Was NOT Suppose to End This Way

Central Park Adventure and Pier Side Arrivals

New York City traffic never knew what hit it yesterday (May 23). I am confident more than a few drivers (including one city bus driver) learned to never mess with a Sailor driving a large government van at speed carrying emergency media gear to a major event! Today is the first event of Fleet Week. … Continue reading Central Park Adventure and Pier Side Arrivals

A Collision of Humanity

So we got on the road in Norfolk, Virginia, at 7:00 in the morning. We took two vans and drove up the Eastern Shore in order to avoid the traffic of Richmond and Washington, D.C. The rain moved in and made it a very wet drive. But, as I told my mom in an email … Continue reading A Collision of Humanity

Start Spreading the News!

Start spreading the news!  We’re leaving tomorrow morning from the Navy Public Affairs Support Element East (NPASE East) for New York City. Starting Tuesday the Big Apple is hosting the 29th annual Fleet Week New York, a huge celebration of the sea services that will swamp New York City with enough ships to, well, make … Continue reading Start Spreading the News!