On the Waterfront – Talk About Attempted Sabotage!

(Silverdale, Washington; Jan. 14, 2021) – Welcome back to my regular Thursday column!  My original intent had been to open 2021 with a column on the meaning of freedom.  To prepare, I did an informal poll of my Facebook friends, asking them to submit a one or two-sentence definition of what freedom means to them. … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Talk About Attempted Sabotage!

Travel Log: The Lions Have Met

(Nov. 22, 2017)  The Lions have Met. From 2000 – 2012 I was on operational sea duty orders for the first time. I was attached to the Black Lions of VF-213 working on reconnaissance cameras and laser targeting systems aboard the F-14D Tomcat. Years later I reported to my second operational assignment: sea duty aboard … Continue reading Travel Log: The Lions Have Met

Pipe the Side

  It's over.  The horizon has been reached and the ship is at sea no more. I will not soon know again the shifting of the deck under my feet on the featureless sea, nor the anticipatory thrill of the lines being cast off to get underway for a new horizon. I will not again … Continue reading Pipe the Side

Just Like a Tree

Ok, it’s time to backtrack and fill in the gaps I missed in this travel log due to illness and tragedy.  The food poisoning I suffered on May 27 and the tragedy of the fatal parachute accident May 28 gave me more important things to do than write about my travels during Fleet Week.  The … Continue reading Just Like a Tree