On the Waterfront – A-Fording an Island

(Pensacola, Florida; Feb. 26, 2023) – Very few jobs involve hanging out underneath a 555 metric ton (nearly 612 regular ton) steel superstructure swinging over one's head, but the Navy is not just a job, it's an adventure! This adventure played out on a cold, snowy day in Newport News, Virginia, as the final piece … Continue reading On the Waterfront – A-Fording an Island

“The Norfolk Murders” is on SALE NOW!!!!

The newest adventure of the Accidental Detective is on sale now!!!! Murder! Mayhem! Mystery! Check out the latest cases Chief Petty Officer Isaac Shepherd and Special Agent Abraham Gray face! #nathanaelmiller; #sparks1524; #accidentaldetective; #isaacshepherd; #murdermystery; #mystery; #novel

Only FOUR Days Until the Adventure Begins!

The adventure begins in FOUR days! The Accidental Detective seeks out murder and thwarts international espionage aboard USS Ponce! "Proud Lion" is on sale through Amazon and other online retailers beginning Sept. 20! "Proud Lion," the new novel by Nathanael Miller. #nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #Washington #WashingtonState #accidentaldetective #novel #novelist #writer #writerslife #murdermystery #mystery #Navy #ProudLion #Ponce #USSPonce

Travel Log: Dueling Warships (Part 1)

(Niceville, Florida; March 4, 2018) I’m currently home in Niceville; Phase 1 of Grand Tour USA is done; Phase 2 begins in two weeks. Time to catch up, and I’ll start with a multi-part series on historic ships. Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina could put to sea some seriously heavy-duty naval armament if they … Continue reading Travel Log: Dueling Warships (Part 1)

The End is Nigh!

The end is nigh! The Murder Game has been concluded, and it’s the second story I consider to be one of my better-set plots. Granted this is a matter of opinion, but I love these type of locked-room, isolated set pieces where the murder, murderer, suspects, and detective are all confined to a small area. … Continue reading The End is Nigh!

Proud Lion, Departing

(Oct. 22, 2017)  I was the only one of her Sailors there to see her off. She departed in dignity under her own power, gracefully allowing her story to close out. The Austin-class amphibious transport dock USS Ponce (LPD/AFSB 15) left Naval Station Norfolk today for the last time. The “Proud Lion” will be stored … Continue reading Proud Lion, Departing

Packing Out

I’m sitting in the Yellow Duck (my house) and, quite literally, one of the packers is behind me tearing through packing paper like a tree-killing fiend as she wraps my antiques, knickknacks, brick-a-brac, and generalized stuff. The packers arrived right at 8:00 this morning. Mom and Pop are here. Pop’s watching a ball game and … Continue reading Packing Out

Pipe the Side

  It's over.  The horizon has been reached and the ship is at sea no more. I will not soon know again the shifting of the deck under my feet on the featureless sea, nor the anticipatory thrill of the lines being cast off to get underway for a new horizon. I will not again … Continue reading Pipe the Side

Expectations Are Not “Supposed” to Happen

Expectations are NOT “supposed” to happen. I was in the base gym the other day, having just come out of the showers and opening my locker to start getting dressed when I was overcome again by the sadness, the despair, and the darkness.  Despite all my efforts and beliefs, despite the goals of my generational … Continue reading Expectations Are Not “Supposed” to Happen

The Darkest of the Night

Romantic stories often center around the iconic image, either literal or metaphorical (depending on the actual story in question), of the lover holding the hand of his/her love in the darkest moment of the night.  Comforting, protecting and assisting their loved one in the darkest of the night. Those stories really crack me up sometimes.  … Continue reading The Darkest of the Night