Travel Log: NOW It Gets Serious

(Le Claire, Iowa; Aug. 7, 2018) – Ok, NOW it gets serious. Check out the map at bottom; I’m in Iowa. I am officially out West. The eastern half of the continent was tricky enough, but the distances involved tended to be shorter. A four-hour drive usually landed me in another state...or across two states … Continue reading Travel Log: NOW It Gets Serious

Travel Log: Dueling Warships (Part 1)

(Niceville, Florida; March 4, 2018) I’m currently home in Niceville; Phase 1 of Grand Tour USA is done; Phase 2 begins in two weeks. Time to catch up, and I’ll start with a multi-part series on historic ships. Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina could put to sea some seriously heavy-duty naval armament if they … Continue reading Travel Log: Dueling Warships (Part 1)