Only SIX Days Until the Adventure Begins!

Only SIX days remain until the adventure begins! Murder aboard USS Ponce brings the Accidental Detective back to his old ship, seeking a killer and thwarting international espionage! Available in e-book format, print-on-demand hard and softback from Amazon and other online bookstores starting Sept. 20! #nathanaelmiller #sparks1524 #accidentaldetective #murdermystery #mystery #novel #adventure #book #writer #writerslife … Continue reading Only SIX Days Until the Adventure Begins!

Photo Finish – Monochromatic Details

Today's Photo Finish is a look at monochromatic details around the United States and Canada. Lighthouse lens. Looking past the fourth order Fresnel lens in Pemaquid Point Light to the churning sea. The first lighthouse built here was lit in 1827, but structural problems caused it to be replaced by the current tower in 1835. … Continue reading Photo Finish – Monochromatic Details

Photo Finish – Volcano Day!

I am starting a new column head: Photo Finish! I started in journalism as a Navy operational photographer and photojournalist. Although writing is the center of my life now, I still think of myself as a photographer first. Now and then I want to show off what's I've done...and what I can do with a … Continue reading Photo Finish – Volcano Day!

“Proud Lion” Excerpt!!

Excerpt from my forthcoming new murder mystery, "Proud Lion," arriving in virtual bookstores Sept. 20! #nathanelmiller #sparks1524 #accidentaldetective #murdermystery #mystery #crimenovel #novel #novelist #Navy_______________________ -Wednesday, May 9, 2018; 14:21 hours-Philadelphia A lone figure walked along the pier towards the old ship, ignoring the birds, breeze, and sun. The ex-USS Ponce floated quietly ahead of him … Continue reading “Proud Lion” Excerpt!!

The Writer’s Craft – The Glory of an Editor

(Silverdale, Washington; August 31, 2020) – Writing a book is a solitary endeavour. Publishing a book requires a team effort. I spoke about this in my Aug. 17 column, “Teamwork” ( Publishing this blog on my own is one thing, but no one can successfully publish a book without help once the draft is complete. … Continue reading The Writer’s Craft – The Glory of an Editor

On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar

(Silverdale, Washington; August 24, 2020) – I am proud to present the first “On the Waterfront” column for this blog. This is a space in which I can organize and share stories of adventures on the sea. Some of these might be Navy stories, some might be civilian experiences, but all are tied to the … Continue reading On the Waterfront – Raising Gibraltar

Travel Log: October 2018 – The Desert and the Creepiest Sound EVER

(Silverdale, Washington; Aug. 20, 2020) – The year is 2001. I was a 29-year-old Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class in the U.S. Navy assigned to work on reconnaissance cameras and the associated aircraft systems used by the F-14D Tomcats of VF-213, a squadron based out of NAS Oceana in Virginia. We flew to NAS Fallon, Nevada, … Continue reading Travel Log: October 2018 – The Desert and the Creepiest Sound EVER