Start Spreading the News!

Start spreading the news!  We’re leaving tomorrow morning from the Navy Public Affairs Support Element East (NPASE East) for New York City. Starting Tuesday the Big Apple is hosting the 29th annual Fleet Week New York, a huge celebration of the sea services that will swamp New York City with enough ships to, well, make … Continue reading Start Spreading the News!

Poetry Night!

The future may feel dark and life overwhelming, but if you can write, if you can put word to paper, you are never alone!  Even a simple haiku can break your isolation. Unendurable Nathanael Miller, 30 April 2017  Unendurable. To forever sit alone; The night never ends. ***  The Future is Dark Nathanael Miller, 30 … Continue reading Poetry Night!

The Good Times: Finding St. Peter

Oddly enough I find the second in my series looking back on the “good times” of my Navy career to be another moment during my time stationed at VQ-2 in Rota, Spain.  Increasing the “coincidence level” is that this moment also occurred during a trip to another part of Europe. I have written in my … Continue reading The Good Times: Finding St. Peter

Inner Visions

Writing is good for me.  I have attempted suicide many, many years ago.  I have dealt with a serious fight with depression and anxiety for my entire adult life, and it was not always recognized for what it really was.  This left me to muddle along without proper treatment and support for a very long … Continue reading Inner Visions

Prevention or Intervention?

Nathanael Miller, 18 September 2016 Suicide “prevention” training usually includes words like, “Ask, Care, Treat.”  Military or civilian, “prevention” training normally focuses on asking friends, neighbors, shipmates, or loved ones if they they’re in crisis. Thing is…if you have to ask someone if they’re in crisis, then you aren’t preventing anything!  You are intervening in … Continue reading Prevention or Intervention?

Dark Companion

September is Suicide Prevention Month.  This is a good time to discuss a Dark Companion that attaches itself to many people and never leaves:  Depression. Many people (like myself) who have attempted suicide live with chronic depression. Many people who never attempt to harm themselves also live with this unwanted guest.  This Dark Companion might … Continue reading Dark Companion